Nature is unsurpassable beauty and sophisticated simplicity. Nature teaches authenticity, tranquillity and wisdom. A colourful, immersive experience that now more than ever, at the peril of global environmental catastrophe, should be cherished, praised, worshipped. An altar of classical harmony portrayed in space and form. Nature’s superior craftsmanship is the absolute definition of construction and design and a source of constant fascination and stimuli.

Subject Matter

Nature’s patterns are the epitome of design excellence; masterpieces where visual complexity meets aesthetic simplicity. Whether a dusk-lit path between tree rows, a flowery pond with ripples, a wavy ocean’s view or a butterflies' wing, patterns are monuments of natural harmony enslaving the eye, exciting the imagination and soothing the spirit. From the largest landscape to the smallest detail these motifs of endless shades and colours are treated as blueprints for a rhapsody of symmetry.


Natural patterns are captured in photographs, photographs that will never been printed as such. Instead they are treated as a digital palette out of which pattern compositions are created. The digital pays homage to the natural. Acknowledging the sophistication and originality of the primary creational force, technology intervenes but only to retain harmony and symmetry, elevate naturalness and beauty through collage, extreme close up or zoom out, and adjust the visual result into specific forms. These digitalized natural patterns are finally passed on nature’s most elegant material, finest Chinese silk. Using the most precise and environmental friendly printing methods, natural patterns become female clothing items of magnificent detail, undeniable quality and spectacular visual effect. Clothing that exhibits a unique co-creational synergy between natural and technology and is an ambassador for the need of a harmonious relationship between the two as the only viable solution for a better future.


In their final garment form the patterns find their desired medium to be exhibited. Treating the female body as canvas they become bespoke clothing of sensual lightness, magnificent harmony and scenographical visual proportions. Colourful dressings of natural mysticism, they cover the silhouette with sumptuous pattern assemblies that stretch from naturalism to abstraction. The patterns become animated reconnecting the body with its natural habitat and the delicateness and vividness of nature with the sensuality and dynamism of the female figure. All items are available in a limited edition but in affordable pricing expressing luxurious accessibility, individuality, authenticity and above all the truthfulness that is nature.


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